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Awards - Workhorse Of The Year

2021 Virtual County Fair

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For over 100 years, county fairs have provided fun and a sense of community to everyone involved, but 2020 brought unprecedented challenges and that meant that the carousels would stop turning, no cotton candy would be spun, and children’s giggles would go silent.

In an effort to bring some sunshine and happiness to everyone, a committee of members from NYSAAF and NYSSA worked together to bringthe county fair to the virtual world. They brainstormed about all of the best parts of the county fair – and then planned how to bring them into the homes of families across New York State. There were nights with live musical performances, as well as local DJs hosting dance parties. Events for young and old included coloring contests, treasure hunts, an I-Spy game, and virtual talent show. Members of 4-H were involved through sharing videos of their animals, as well as the community sharing pictures of their sheep, goats, pigs, and more! There was a motor sports weekend, where people were challenged to build their own race car and cherished memories of demolition derby videos were shared. To make the virtual county fair even more memorable, there was a spectacular, live fireworks show!

Showmen and fair boards donated admission tickets, coupons for fair foods, family ride passes, and beloved fair prizes to participating families.And during a time of darkness and unknown, there was a glimmer of sunshine brought to people by the New York State virtual county fair.

Past Workhorses Of The Year:
1977- Ray Miller
1978- Dick Janas
1979- Joe Sofo Sr.
1980- Bill Alberry Sr.
1981- Michalena (Mickey) Sofo
1982- Les (Corky) Powers
1983- Harry Salchak
1984- Sy Kolassa
1985- Carl Bliss
1986- Ann Janas
1987- Debbie Lynn Powers
1988- Ron Heinrich
1989- Art Gillette
1990- Ron Harrington
1991- Jeff Lloyd
1992- Roberta (Perky) Sofo
1993- Alice Wheelock
1994- Don Hall
1995- Alberta Hawkins
1995- Mary Pat Lloyd
1996- Joe Sofo Jr.
1997- Dick Capone
1998- Ann Hall
1999- Sharon Busch
2000- Gary Platt
2001- Sarah & Kate Lloyd
2002- Jennifer Wheelock
2003- Avery D. Wheelock
2004- Angel Wheelock-Ward
2005- Bill Pfeifer
2006- Tim Dean
2007- Chris Hudson
2008- Corey Ward
2009- Alan Wheelock
2010- Joe Zutter
2011- Roberta "Perky" Sofo
2012- Alison Ward
2013- Jeff Lloyd
2014- Sarah McAndrew
2015- Lisa Dean
2016- Cameron Ward
2017- Mary Pat Lloyd
2018- Jeremy Wakefield
2019- Gerry Elthorp