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Awards - Showperson Of The Year

Tim Coleman
Coleman Brothers Showes


Tim is a 3rd generation owner of Coleman Brothers Shows, one of the oldest carnivals operating today. This will be the 107th year.

He learned at the young age of 3 how to move a show by driving a tractor thru a girl show tent.

Today he continues to drive tractors and coordinate the moves. He is married to Arlene Coleman and has 2 children Tim and Kristy Coleman.

Past Showperson Of The Year:
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3 1998- Dick Janas
1999- Harold R. (Pete) Hawkins
2000- Brooke Evans
2001- E. James Strates
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2004- Roberta (Perky) Sofo
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2011- Patricia A. Cox
2012- Angel Wheelock-Ward
2013- Rick Reithoffer
2014- Joe Sofo Jr
2015- Rene Piche
2016- Avery D Wheelock
2017- Bob Lawrence
2018- Kevin Fritschler
2019- Tim Dean
2021-Debbie Powers