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Club Happenings - Memorial
Memorial Art
Esther Silvernail
Avery H. Wheelock
Robert Hawkins Sr.
Patrick (Pat) Powers
Edward Powers
Anthony Santillo
Leo Witkowski
Charlie Wagner
Leon Neuman
William (Bill) Garland
George Stein
Charles Nicometo
Louis Collella Carl Bliss
Vito (Nose) Albanese
Peter Cinanni
Jacob (Curly) Russell
Juliana (Julie) Wheelock
William B. Zabell
Ed (Big Sid) Bellardini
John Capocefalo
Frank Albro
Bobby Kwiatkowski
Alice C. Wheelock
Lenny Chaflin
Gerry Powers
Robert (Bob) Washington
Walter Cox
Marie Rago
Betty Kennedy
Donald Brunner
Ron Heinrich
Richard (Dick) Janas
Micalena F. Sofo
E. Haar
Robert Maxwell
David Smith
Don Hall
Rae Una Wheelock
Ron Harrington
Don Riefke
Tom Crouch
Milton (Butch) Paul
James P. Fahnstock
William (Bill) West
Joe Sofo Sr.
Frank Rago
Cliff Schwartz
Sy Kolossa
Elizabeth Putnam
Robert Coleman
Father Robert McCarthy
Harold (Pete) Hawkins
Alberta Hawkins
Angel Wheelock Ward
John Converse
This is an ongoing page, to be added to as needed. To the best of our knowledge, they were members in good standing at the time of their passing. If a name is missing please notify a club member.