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Past Presidents Message

Jeff L

HOLY ROLLER COASTER, BATMAN! Does anyone remember that iconic reference?

No one could have ever imagined a day that the Merry-Go-Round would stop spinning, the Ferris Wheel would stop turning, and the children’s laughter would go silent. But that is exactly what happened and we, as showmen, proved we could weather any storm by banning together and helping one another in order to prove our resilience. We are showmen! During a time of Zoom meetings and virtual county fairs, we stood together and survived.

Now, as life returns to normal with all of the familiar sights, sounds, and smells, we are reminded that it is all because the people in this business - showmen and fair people - came together to show the world that WE ARE SHOWMEN PROUD AND FAIR STRONG.

I want to sincerely thank all of my committees and board members for their support through these trying times. I am proud to be your President, friend, and brother in this business. My wishes are that our friendships and memories are as long-lasting as a never-ending gobstopper. I call to you – let’s bring the fun back bigger and better than ever! I wish you all blue skies, green grass, and full straw houses.

Jeff Lloyd